Medical Shop

Medical Shop Management System

Medical Shop Management ERP is comprehensive solution for medical shops, pharmacy related retail shops, hospitals & clinics who are all managing their own pharmacy/ medical shops. It Manages Accounts, Inventory, Daily sales and purchase, Damage Stock. This is a complete package for a medical shop. It is the complete medical shop management software is so designed as to ease the work load of medical shop professionals. The main feature includes invoicing, inventory and stock control, accounting, client and vendor management. Medical Shop ERP software helps you to track all the profits, loss, profitable clients and products of medical shop moreover it’s a medical shop accounting software. Flexible and adaptive software suited to medical shops or stores or pharmacies of any size. This Medical shop management application is designed to ease the work load of medical shop professionals, customer benefit from increased accuracy. The main features include the inventory, stock control, customer management, billing system and it also gives the notification of the stocks which are out of expiry dates.

Medical Shop Management has following exciting features:

  • Master Entries
  • Transaction
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting
  • Manage Products/ Search Medicines
  • Purchase/ Purchase Returns
  • Sales/ Sales Returns
  • Point Of Sale
  • Manage Settings
  • Manage Stocks/ Damage Stocks
  • User Management
  • Manage Sales/ Suppliers Details
  • Product Pricing, Unit Details
  • Billing & Receipt
  • Reports