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The Best Managed SSD VPS

Our managed SSD VPS plans offer outstanding performance and unbeatable reliability. We deliver a VPS that will run your sites faster than ever before. We start with big, powerful servers so you never get bogged down. Our complete server management package is included with every VPS, which means you'll never have to worry about the details. Our team is here 24x7, ready to help you with anything you need, and unlike many other providers we're happy to talk with you on chat or the phone.
When you consider our top grade hardware, and all the help you need, our managed VPS is a guaranteed winner.

Get super fast speed on our SSD based Managed KVM Cloud Servers

SSD Storage protected with Hardware Raid-10 provides extra speed to your website or application.

Managed VPS Plans & PRICING

2GB Managed VPS

20% OFF for Annual Payments


2 Dedicated Cores

2 GB Guaranteed RAM

40 GB SSD Storage

1.0 TB Transfer

1 Dedicated IPv4

Free 100Gbps DDOS Protection

Free Server Management (cPanel Required)

Free cPanel solo*

4GB Managed VPS

20% OFF for Annual Payments


4 Dedicated Cores

4 GB Guaranteed RAM

80 GB SSD Storage

2.0 TB Transfer

1 Dedicated IPv4

Free 100Gbps DDOS Protection

Free Server Management (cPanel Required)

Free cPanel solo*

6GB Managed VPS

20% OFF for Annual Payments


6 Dedicated Cores

6 GB Guaranteed RAM

120 GB SSD Storage

3.0 TB Transfer

1 Dedicated IPv4

Free 100Gbps DDOS Protection

Free Server Management (cPanel Required)

Free cPanel solo*

8GB Managed VPS

20% OFF for Annual Payments


8 Dedicated Cores

8 GB Guaranteed RAM

160 GB SSD Storage

4.0 TB Transfer

1 Dedicated IPv4

Free 100Gbps DDOS Protection

Free Server Management (cPanel Required)

Free cPanel solo*
*cPanel solo includes a single account. If a server has more than one cPanel account, cSofts offers tiered licensing packages for up to 100 accounts. If the server exceeds that amount, additional accounts will be billed at $0.15/month per account.

Managed Cheap VPS Hosting


Full Access to your VPS Server

VPS Hosting is said to be an ideal bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. VPS Hosting plans can be completely customized to match your specific hosting needs and upgraded anytime as your site grows. VPS hosting is a great way to start hosting a website on small scale but still have the ability to scale up very quickly.

VPS Hosting Features

Standard DDoS Protection
CloudFlare CDN
cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available
Root Access
Business-grade SSD Storage

Optimization With VPS Hosting

SSL - AutoSSL, Comodo & other SSLs Encryption
CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows
CMSs - WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, Drupal.
MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, Apache Tomcat
eCommerce - Magento, PRESTASHOP, OpenCart
Caching & HTTP Accelerators - NGINX, Varnish

VPS Hosting Data Center

cSofts Linux / Windows VPS HOSTING provide you scalability, reliability & flexibility because we have state-of-the-art data centers worldwide including USA, Germany, China, UAE, Korea, Bulgaria, Mexico & many other locations . cSofts VPS HOSTING team monitors your server & is available 24/7 for custom configuration which makes cSofts the best vps hosting company to get ranked among to top 10 vps hosting companies.

Services With Managed VPS Hosting Plans

Technical Specifications

The cSofts Difference

cSofts is committed to delivering a premium product and a premium service, but charging not-so-premium prices. That means an incredible value for our customers.
That's why we host our servers in great datacenters, with proven track records of reliability and uptime. And why we're a bit nuts about how we manage our hardware - we keep things organized, neat and tidy, and well-documented. We know you don't see those details, but they matter, and they let us continuously perform better than the competition.
Or what about our service? You've got a handful of massive hosts. But you know they don't care about YOU. You're just one of a million customers. Then there's lots of small hosts, you know, the ones that outsource their support and operations to some cheap third party company.
Not cSofts. Our entire 24x7 support and technical staff is in house, dedicated only to our systems and our customers. We're proud to provide fast, courteous service any time you need it. Plus, we're here to actually TALK with you if you need help - on live chat or on the phone, any time.

What is a Managed VPS?

Perhaps you're wondering, what exactly is a managed VPS and why would you want one? VPS stands for virtual private server - meaning you get your own server, totally dedicated to you. But instead of being a physical piece of hardware in the datacenter, your server is virtual. That means we carve out a piece of a larger, physical server, and configure it as yours.

When you order a managed VPS, you will be allocated a number of CPU cores, a block of memory or RAM, and a block of disk (storage space). The CPU cores are what allow your server to do work - process website requests, send email, run custom code, or whatever else you're doing. More cores means you can get more work done in less time. Memory is what your server uses to hold the work it's currently doing. The more memory you have, the more different tasks (or the more complicated tasks) your server can do at once. And disk is where you store files, software, code, images, or anything else your server needs. As you move up in larger packages you generally get access to more of each of these resources - and because it's YOUR server, you can do whatever you like with them.

Because the server is yours, you can do anything you want with the server - install any software, run as few or as many website as you want, host your own email, run WordPress, whatever. You never have to worry about other people interering with your system because it is 100% yours.

Of course, having your own server also means there are technical tasks to manage - keeping the server updated, secure, and running smoothly. That's why all of our managed VPS packages include our management services. Our experienced systems adminstrators will stay on top of your server, performing all the same duties they do for our own servers. No technical no-how required on your part.

One of the big benefits of virtual servers is that you can start small and scale up as you grow. Unlike with a dedicated or physical server, adding more processing power, memory, or storage is just a few clicks away. So when you are ready for more, you can upgrade instantly. With physical servers you'd need to take all your sites and service offline while the hardware is upgraded, or in some cases migrate to a totally new server. Virtual servers provide you with the ability to instantly upgrade without all of the hassle and downtime involved when running on dedicated hardware.

Why do many people choose to get a managed virtual private server? Usually it's because they need more power than they can get with typical shared hosting. It could also be that they want a non-standard configuration that their hosting company won't enable on shared servers, or software that requires elevated privileges to install. A VPS also provides some additional peace of mind because it isolates you from other systems and customers, so you don't have to worry about what others are doing.

What do customers do with their VPS? Of course the answer to this question is varied, but some of the common uses are: email hosting, WordPress hosting, website hosting, ecommerce/shop site hosting, forum hosting, custom software hosting, chat bot hosting, virtual private network and proxy hosting, development or test environment hosting, cryptocurrency full node hosting, cryptocurrency masternode hosting, and on and on.

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